Here is a collection of my recipes, experiments and work as a pastry chef and artist.

Why do babies smell so sweet?

Because they live off custard!

This year we made the sweetest “Corn Cake” to date! Royal Bleu Burke has been taking up most of my baking time and all the space in my heart. With much thought and some reluctance I have decided to take 2015 & 2016 off from baking and give my weekends back to my family.

I know I will be missing you & the magic of the wedding season, but boy is this little Corn Cake is worth it!

Maybe I’ll be spending more time writing down and cataloging recipes, but something tells me I’v already got my hands quite full. Xxx

Caitlin & Andrew’s Cake featured in

I always feel so fortunate to be apart of such beautiful meaningful events. Especially in honor of such lovely people such as Caitlin & Andrew and their families.

Here are a couple shots…
c-orcas-island-wedding-at-a-sawmill-50 Ruffled - photo by -

Check out more photos of their event at:

Making Pie Plates

Pie Plates out of stoneware clay

Here are some first attempts.



Still working on sorting the right glazes and designs. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Playing with a different kind of “dough”

This winter I decided it was time to get my hands in some serious mud!

I wanted to bake and cook in something from the earth that felt safe for my family.

Here is the beginning of some pie plates:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.16.48 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.17.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.17.09 PM


Next I will dip them in sugary glaze and bake at a very high temperature; “cone ten”.

Can’t wait to see the results!

Sour Dough Might Be Nice…

With the change in the colour of the leaves, the cold salty air, and the grey skies comes the desire to bake and eat fresh warm bread. With butter, nuts, and berries of course!

Learning how to make bread and sustain a Sour dough starter helped me grow up is many ways. It taught me to use my intuition after considering my environment to determine the glorious organic outcome; how to feed and maintain the yeast, how much flour or water to add to the dough for the right consistency, how to knead and how long to knead, how long the bread would need to rest or rise, if there was the need for heat or cooling “retarding”, the right amount of time spent in the oven…not by time, but by the colour, feel, and smell. Just the basic skills for taking care of ones self or another.

Some adventures in Sour Dough.  Teff + Wheat sough dough starters.

Sour dough starterIMG_3458IMG_3459notesIMG_3471IMG_3496

My husband gave me this dutch oven as a valentines gift when we first met. I mentioned wanting to bake fresh crusty sour dough, a package arrived a couple days later. It has been wonderful to bake breads, and rice in.

The oval flat looking loaf was an attempt at making a gluten free Teff sour dough bread. I found it unsuccessful and ugly, that being said the dough made killer pizza.